Friday Fictioneers – The plight of Miss K. Zebra


Copyright – EL Appleby

For anyone who wondered what the “k” in “misskzebra” stood for. Don’t judge me too harshly, I did come up with the name when I was 12, and have been using it since. If you want to take part in Friday Fictioneers, look here.


 “Name please?” asked the receptionist, who looked at me over her glasses with eyebrows raised so far, they looked to be in danger of flying off her face.

 “Konfuzed Zebra.” I replied, nervously dragging a hoof across the floor.

 “Confused… Zebra…” The receptionist said it slowly as she wrote on her notepad. I could see she was spelling it incorrectly.

 “You’re spelling it wrong.” I said. She huffed as she crossed it out. “It’s spelled K-O-N-F-U-Z-E-D Zebra.”

 “Dr. King will be ready in five minutes.”

After I’d awkwardly shuffled to the waiting area, she muttered, “It’ll take more than a psychiatrist to sort you out…”


28 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The plight of Miss K. Zebra

  1. Oh man, I was just reading another story and wondering if there are stuffed animal psychologists, and now I see there are! I’m really getting an education this time around. This really fun. I got a kick out of this one (so to speak).

  2. Ha. That is funny. I knew your cousin Kungfu Zebra. He went to a Martial Arts center and took the cure. It worked well for him until he opened up a Chinese restaurant and started chopping suey and it all came back to him, sort of chop-chop.

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