Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Waiting For The Shadow


Copyright – Alastair Forbes

This prompt is from Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

Time isn’t silent anymore.

My grandparents have a large, beautiful house in the South. When I was younger, we visited every other weekend. If it was sunny, I’d spend most of the day in their garden. It was like another world to me. I was fascinated by the exotic looking plants and well-placed rockery. Best of all, there was a sun dial placed in the centre.

I’d stare at it, waiting for the shadow to move. I knew it did slide across the dial, just never when I was watching.

I have a feeling, if I looked at it now, I’d see the shadow steadily marching across the stone. I wait in the hospital room, linked to numerous tubes and machines, and I can feel time passing. I can hear it roaring past me. Unlike the flow of water, time doesn’t slow as the supply runs low. The last drops run the fastest.


17 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Waiting For The Shadow

  1. Time seems to move very slow, as far as the young are concerned, but the older ones always desire more time. a nostalgic piece. Feelings of the elderly captured well

  2. What a lovely piece. It is true. As a child, the time runs slow, and as an adult it does go faster. Especially when you look at the fact that there are only 12 paydays in a year 🙂

      • Look at a particular date. You have a 15th July, a 16th August, a 17th September and an 18th of October. Not long. Four specific dates. When you reach the 16th July, you know you only three of those dates to go through

  3. “I knew it did slide across the dial, just never when I was watching.”
    We’ve all experienced this with something or another. Great job!

  4. I can see this story through the eyes of my elders…not quite hooked up, but watching, almost hoping, I think for time to move faster…or slower depending on the day. Powerful write.

  5. It’s something how the same amount of time appear to go faster or slower – depending on the circumstances & what’s going on with you & around you.

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