Friday Fictioneers – Trapped


Copyright – Randy Mazie

Feeling good this week, despite NaNoWriMo starting to become insanely difficult. If you’d like to take part in Friday Fictioneers, click here.

My body is long gone. I didn’t feel my heart stop beating, and I didn’t feel the maggots devour my skin. I didn’t feel time melt my flesh, but I know it happened. I don’t know how I remain conscious, but more than anything I want another vessel to travel in. Humans walk through this ground but I cannot challenge them. They are too full of themselves to share their bodies with me. Insects don’t have the capacity. I am trapped.

A four legged beast wanders past me. It stands by my grave. I leap at my chance of freedom.


50 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Trapped

    • I’m actually awful with scary movies. I’ll have to wait until I’m hanging out with a friend that doesn’t mind me clinging onto them for the best part of two hours.

      • “The Fallen” was more of a paranormal thriller. Not a lot of gore and that kind of horror. But it was one where the an evil spirit went from inhabitant to inhabitant as each one died. You could track him by the host singing the Rolling Stones’ “Time is on My Side.”

  1. This is a great take, really makes you think. For the record I would take a goat over a grave any day.

    Also, congratulations! I noticed in the comments on another blog that you got final conformation you are not a goat. That might be worthy of a celebration!

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