Your invite to my pity party.

ParacetamolKleenexDon’t feel obliged to attend. I’ve never been particularly sympathetic when others are ill, especially people who claim to have every illness under the sun. If I were a superstitious kind of person, I’d say karma had a hand in this.

However, if you’d like to  sympathize/revel in my unhappiness, keep reading.

I have been struck down with the plague.

Okay, maybe it’s just an ordinary cough and cold. I seem to have developed toothache on top of that, which means my head feels so pressurized, I’m slightly scared that my head will explode every time I’m about to sneeze, or at least that I’ll burst a blood vessel. My housemates have started walking rather widely around me whenever we cross paths, and I don’t blame them. I think it might be the luminous red nose, bloodshot eyes and the trail of kleenex I leave behind me that’s putting them off. And maybe the occasional whimpering.

Combine this with the 30C weather, and it’s been difficult to sleep. I got maybe two hours’ worth last night? Also, I’ve not been eating very well, because when I try to eat anything I start to feel nauseous really quickly. Which means it’s difficult to take painkillers.

Poor, poor me. If you don’t feel sorry for me, I feel sorry enough for myself. #sadtimes etc etc.

BUT. I am not the kind of person to retreat to bed in times like this (even though it would probably help me recover), it just makes me feel worse. So I’m continuing on with my NaNo quest, in the hope that the distraction makes me feel better. Hope other NaNo’ers out there are faring better than I am.


5 thoughts on “Your invite to my pity party.

  1. Dear MissK my sympathy for current condition. You have every right to feel miserable and every right to convey your miserableness to anyone who will listen. Thankfully you won’t be sick forever so milk it for all the sympathy you can get. An illness will thrive on your miserableness but hates it when you get sympathy or smile even. So battle on. The end to your illness is now closer by five minutes. You feel better already, yes?

    • Thank you! (Imagine that being said in a stuffy, nasal, pathetic voice.) It’s only a matter of time before at least one thing begins to wear off. It’s been five hours since I took some paracetamol, and the toothache hasn’t come back yet, so I’m really hopeful that’s gone for good.

  2. How miserable! I hate being sick anytime, but being sick when it’s hot out just makes everything more miserable, I think. Can’t sleep, it’s too hot to curl up under a blanket, and the nice weather outside taunts your frail, helpless body. Not fair. You have my sympathy, friend. And good luck working on NaNo. Hope it proves to be a good distraction from how you’re feeling.

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