Friday Fictioneers – Treasure From Fairyland


Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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She was the size of two dragonflies and glowed like hot magnesium, so bright that Josie could never look straight at her. At night, Josie would hear things that nobody else could: The flutter of wings, tiny footsteps on her pillow, and the hum of magic. The fairy didn’t speak but she patiently listened to Josie’s tales of anguish. Occasionally, she would bring Josie trinkets and trophies from an imagined fairyland, which Josie would play with in secret.

When other children in the orphanage complained that their possessions were going missing, Josie wasn’t worried. The fairy would protect her treasure.


56 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Treasure From Fairyland

  1. I love the two sides I see to this story – an innocent fairy tale-like story of a child who can see “the little people” (because kids believe), versus a child who’s made up her own world (and is nicking other kids’ stuff) in order to blank out her lonely existence in the orphanage.

  2. A great idea – you draw us into her fantasy and then show us the reality. The only thing I’m not so sure of is ‘the size of two dragonflies’. I just can’t visualise this as a size marker. Why not just one dragonfly?

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  4. I like the imagination of this — both yours to write it and that of the child’s. Josie is quite the survivor. I agree with other commenters — that having Josie steal the trinkets (rather than the fairy being real) gives an edge to the story.

  5. Great story completely wrapped up from start to finish. Superb work. Really liked this: “glowed like hot magnesium” reminded me of Science class at school.

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