Friday Fictioneers – Unstable

I’m sure you’ve all missed me over the Christmas break (*tumbleweed*) but I’m back with a Friday Fictioneers submission. If you’d like to submit your own story based on the picture, click here.

The stone crumbles beneath my fingertips, leaving dirty smears across my palms. I look up to see a house which should have been abandoned long ago, but you’re still there, staring at me sadly through the hole where the window should be. I see her clinging onto you. I see her tears. I see her mouthing her name for me.


She doesn’t understand that the waves of time decayed this place before I arrived, made the foundation so weak the whole thing could topple with one push.

 I place my hands against the rock and call out my final warning.


37 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Unstable

  1. Wow. Your comparison of a crumbling marriage and a crumbling home/structure is powerfully carried through here. The image of the wife mouthing the word “home wrecker,” is nothing short of brilliant. Love this; it’s gorgeous, start to finish. And yes, we did miss you!

    • I agree, and I’m glad you see that. I had hoped to create a piece more sympathetic to the “homewrecker,” but unfortunately the word count just prevented me from saying what I really wanted to say. I must admit I gave up when I typed the last sentence.

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