Friday Fictioneers – Unbelieving Eyes

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Copyright – John Nixon

Friday Fictioneers Central is where you can find the instructions for submitting your own 100 words story and the other submissions. A bit rushed this week, but I’m determined to keep on schedule with my blog posts.

The peace I’ve found in these woods for the past two years is sunk in an instant, like a ship dashed on the rocks of its home port. My feet involuntarily step backwards. He turns and sees me.

“Nat?” He smiles, almost politely.

“You’re back.”

“I never thought I’d find you here. You always said these woods were ugly.”

“I guess, after two years, I learned to see the beauty you saw.”

“There was another thing I said was beautiful, and you didn’t agree.”

I stand bashfully behind a dead looking tree trunk.

“I still have trouble believing that.”


13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Unbelieving Eyes

  1. I know a girl that however many times I say she looks beautiful, she always replies in the negative. We’ve been married 14 years now and it still goes the same way. Your story is lovely, and familiar.

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