TBAM – Chapter Three: B

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“There’s some other family members that we’d really like you to meet, but only when you’re ready, of course.” Soriah continued.

“How did you find me? After all this time?”

“Essentially, your parents moved away a few years before you were born. They just disappeared. Obviously this was very distressing for us, as we had no idea what had happened to them. We asked all their friends, hired investigators, and we had no luck. A few days ago, we bumped into one of their friends who went missing at around the same time.”

Soriah looked at Lekivan, who nodded at her to continue.

“The news we received was… heartbreaking. We’re still in shock.” Soriah seemed to be struggling, and the look of Lekivan’s face was of genuine grief. Levi’s suspicions were lowered. “The fact that you’ve been in London on your own this whole time just adds insult to injury. Me, Lekivan, the rest of the family, we’re all very angry that people just stood by and didn’t intervene after your parents died and you were taken in by the government.”

“Oh.” It was all Levi could think to say. His brain felt strangely empty of thought, like it was preparing itself for another information dump.

“When I explained this to you last night, you were very eager to come with us, even though it was quite a long journey. We’re currently in Helena. It’s a city in Wales.”

Levi raised his eyebrows.

“We’re in Wales?”

“Yes. Anyway, when you go here, you were very tired. You tripped as you were walking up the stairway and hit your head on the banister. You scared us both! Thankfully, one of our next door neighbours is a doctor and we had him see you. He said you were going to be fine, and to just let you rest.”

Levi sat back in his chair and let his eyes rove across the room. Part of him wanted to call Lekivan and Soriah out, another part thought he should just go along with it until he was in a better position. If he really was in Wales, how would he get home?

“Surely I brought bags with me? My phone and wallet at least?”

“No, you were in a rush, it was so late. I think your phone was in your pocket. I found it on the floor last night after we’d moved you into the bedroom. I can fetch it for you right now. Just going to warn you, there’s very little phone signal in these parts.” Soriah looked him in the eyes with all the sincerity of someone who thought they were good at lying.


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