TBAM – Chapter Three: C

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So, the option of leaving suddenly looked much more precarious. The uncomfortable truth was that Levi had no means of getting home. If, god forbid, Lekivan and Soriah did have shady intentions, he was utterly at their mercy. Avoiding any kind of confrontation might be his best bet, even if he felt that he was slowly sliding closer and closer to a situation that could be more uncomfortable.

“You know, I’m actually feeling really woozy. Perhaps it would be best for me to go to the hospital and get checked out.” Levi suggested. He might be able to take a nurse to one side and explain the situation, make a phone call. Who would he call?

“The hospital is quite a journey away. I’m sure it’s better for you to rest here,” Lekivan replied.

“Not as much of a journey as I made last night.” Levi instantly regretted his words as Lekivan’s expression turned darker. “What about the doctor who examined me last night?”

“He’ll be working.” Lekivan was now curt. “Levi, staying put is the best option. If you’ll excuse us, Soriah and I need to talk in private. We’ll send the housekeeper in to get breakfast for you. You must be hungry.”

Lekivan walked out of the other side of the dining hall. Soriah paused to give Levi a nervous smile.

“I know you’re ill, and the situation isn’t as we would want it, but we’re so happy you’re here.”

Levi watched as she followed Lekivan into what he presumed was the kitchen. For all the times he’d been sure Soriah had lied this morning, he was equally convinced she was being honest during that last sentence. It made him all the more nervous.

Incredibly conflicted, Levi hesitantly stood up. He walked back towards the entrance hall and peered through the dining room door. His way out looked to be unimpeded. He’d already decided leaving was a bad idea, but he found himself walking towards the door anyway. Maybe it was the thought that he might not get another opportunity, or the thought that if Soriah and Lekivan were genuine they’d understand why he’d done it. He unlatched the heavy doors and walked though.


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