Friday Fictioneers – A Different Kind of Fame

Claire Fuller (7)

Copyright – Clare Fuller

This post is for Friday Fictioneers, run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Please click here to read the instructions and find other entries.

I sit and watch as the swollen figure sobs, tears dripping down bloated cheeks, and I wonder where my compassion disappeared to over the years.

“Even my name, “ Michelin Man gasps, “Is an insult!”

I think I became aware of its gradual erosion after my 43rd session with Ronald, yet again ending with hysterics and yowls of, “Nobody knows who I am behind the face paint!”

More recently, Mr Muscle sought out my help. “Have you seen the new Aquafresh guy? He’s totally ripping me off…” He’s blasé, but underneath, he’s furious.

These mascots, they need more than therapy.


12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – A Different Kind of Fame

  1. Lauren,
    I love the idea of a mascot therapist. That would be a hard job. The hardest would be with cows who represent beef companies and such things. That kind of betrayal can cause deep psychological problems. As for Michelin Man, maybe needs to finally retire and take up a nice quiet wrestling job. 🙂

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