Friday Fictioneers – Salty


Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

An 100 word entry for Friday Fictioneers, the writing challenge set weekly by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who this week used a photo of her own. Please follow the link to find the rules and also more 100 word stories based on the above photo prompt.

Patrick rolled beads of risotto on his tongue, letting the buttery sauce carry flavours of garlic and white wine around his mouth.  It was good, but not yet perfect enough for his fickle restaurant customers.

“More salt,” he eventually said.

“Are you sure?” Claire asked, brazenly. He narrowed his eyes at the only person in this kitchen who thought she could challenge him.

“Remember when we were in Sicily, and we spent that one evening on the beach?”

A red flush appeared above Claire’s collar. “Yes.”

“I remember the risotto we ate in the restaurant beforehand better. Make yours like that.”


25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Salty

  1. Whoa! That put her in her place. The moral is never, ever ‘walk on the beach’ with a chef! Nicely, subtly told – love the hints at what’s passed between them, suggested but not screamed at us. Lovely tale

    • Thanks! It’s so difficult to get it right. Sometimes, when I think I’m being subtle, I just get loads of comments saying, “I have no idea what’s happening…”

      • Haha! I’ve had comments like that too – you’re not alone. Nice to walk that line, though, leave your readers something to work out for themselves instead of giving them all the answers. A good write 🙂

  2. Not a nice person, evil last line. I do think he’s in danger of the risotto being thrown at him though.

  3. I could see Gordon Ramsay doing this for some strange reason (“You donkey! You know how embarrassing it is for the risotto to be cooked this way???”). Well, it looks like this character is going to get his dessert right quick.

    You spoke to the “foodie” in me, Zeeb. Five out of five spatulas. 😉

  4. I have an inkling that he’ll have salt in that risotto. And more salt. Definitely enough salt. And no more Claire.

  5. Great story, with subtle flavors of sex and food. And I agree, she should throw the risotto at him, then walk out of his life.
    He can spend the rest of his life re-creating that risotto before their beach tryst, and have no more trysts, ever!

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