Friday Fictioneers -An Ordinary Teenage Disorder


Photo Courtesy of Jean L Hayes

Hi all. This week was a struggle and I nearly gave up, but here is my entry for Friday Fictioneers

Only two days until prom, and decorating is underway.

Molten glue drips onto my finger, welding another button to my skin instead of the heart shaped wire frame.

Alex glances over and I quickly turn my head away, feeling every blood vessel in my cheeks dilate.

God, what is wrong with me? A question all my friends must be asking as they avoid me, like love sickness might be catching.  It’s torture, this guessing game of what’s possible and what’s likely and what I want and what will actually happen.

Nothing is happening, I think, as he steps towards me.




31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers -An Ordinary Teenage Disorder

  1. I like the way you’ve written your story in the present tense. That adds drama to the anticipation aroused by your cliff-hanger. Good writing! (I agree with Susan – a good outcome is likely!)

  2. Oh boy, did that ever bring back some memories. The hopeless crush I had on Someone, who ended up wanting to talk to me about whether or not I thought my best friend would go out with him. I can smile now, but back then it was torture. You’ve captured that here.

      • I try to keep as much as I can, most of my FF are more streams of consciousness, most are complete nonsense too, but i try to make them funny. I love the FF, and would feel slightly weird if I didn’t complete it every week, I think i’ve missed one in 18 months or more, all are based around bastardised children stories or characters.

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