Friday Fictioneers – Debts Paid

Photo supplied by Douglas M MacIlroy

Happy Friday Fictioneers day, AKA Wednesday! Hope you are all surviving lockdown, If you want to submit your own 100 word story based on the photograph, or see others, just follow this link

“A little something to wet your beak on.”


“Glad to see you survived your meeting with Sparrowhawk,” said Tawny Owl, placing Finch’s drink on the bar. “He doesn’t forgive debtors easily.”

Finch didn’t reply, memories of last night circulating like a jerky film reel.


“I have the perfect job for a little birdie like you,” Sparrowhawk had said. “A message to deliver.”

At the described tree, Finch heaved to dislodge and topple the stranger’s nest. Only then did he hear.


Glimpses of broken shell, scattered.

Minutes later, Finch trembled under Sparrowhawk’s gaze, “Message delivered.”


37 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Debts Paid

    • I’m glad you think so!

      I just had my fiancee read it, and he sat silently for about sixty seconds, didn’t understand at all, which is a tad worrying! I need to practice more making things clear in less words, I think.

      Thanks for reading,

  1. Reads like a bird gangster movie – trust the sparrowhawks to be running the show. Though a friend and I were debating which bird species would be running the planet when we all emerge from lockdown – pigeons were mooted, as were seagulls, though we both refuse to kowtow to a seagull :). Strangely chilling tale

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