Friday Fictioneers – The Worst Ride Of His Life


Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

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His car was gone. He had no other option, Oliver thought. This was an emergency.

Outside the compound was Bertie, the twenty foot long honey bee they had accidentally created when trying to produce a more resistant species.  As ominous as Bertie appeared, he was actually harmless. His sting had been removed, and most of the time he wandered placidly around the enclosure.

Oliver snapped Bertie’s restraints, took a deep breath and leapt onto Bertie’s back. Bertie, startled, immediately launched into the air with Oliver desperately clutching his fur.

Oliver had a sudden thought; how was he going to steer this thing?


Friday Fictioneers – Learning To Fly

Thought I’d get in early, as I’m visiting a friend for the rest of the week. This should mean I won’t have to enjoy myself vicariously through Jake and Alex’s adventures anymore. (It has been far too long since Zebra was so wasted she didn’t know if she was white with black stripes or black with white stripes.) If you want to take part in Friday Fictioneers, click here.

When Sadie learned how to take her first floating steps, she dreamed of a day she’d sail through the skies. She thought it would be wonderfully serene, floating along with the wispy clouds, looking down on all the towns and cities below. She imagined herself flying gracefully over the oceans, the sun warming her back as she went along.

Nobody warned her how windy it was up here. Sadie quickly learned there was nothing elegant about being buffeted to and fro while trying to avoid the rolling banks of cloud that would drench you in freezing water.

Also, weather forecasters were useless.