Sunday Photo Fiction – Awkward Goodbyes

44 01 January 26th 2014

Copyright – Al Forbes

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We’re dragged downstream by the current. Flowing with the water, we don’t need social graces to feel graceful. We’re proceeding on a journey we didn’t decide to make. We glory in the effortless momentum that terrifies and excites us.

We see the river disappear in the distance, and our smiles falter because if we don’t climb onto land, we’ll fall and never see this place again. We don’t know how deep the drop is. We don’t know if there are rocks at the bottom.

But we have a vague suspicion it will feel good to plummet down the waterfall together. A terrible, dangerous, beautiful idea.

It will probably hurt a lot.

With that in mind, we grab the riverbank on opposite sides and pull ourselves to safety.

Cold and wet, we stare at each other for the longest time across the water, further apart than ever. We exchange sad, lethargic smiles before we turn away.

Our goodbyes are always awkward.


Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Mastering The Dream


Copyright – Alastair Forbes

This Photo Prompt came from Alastair’s Photo Fiction.


Tom held the bottle up to the light. There was only a small amount of Madam Scott’s solution left. He flicked the light switch and got into bed before opening the bottle. Bracing himself, he forced the last of the viscous potion down his throat. He only just had time to put the bottle down before he started feeling unimaginably heavy.

 In his dreams, Tom was always a spectator. He watched himself as he found the old diary in a cardboard box that had appeared in his living room. The diary grew and he was swallowed by it.

 Now he was in the thicket he’d often walked through as a youth. The trees looked larger; their branches reached across seemingly impossible distances. The leaves were such a dark green they were almost black. They whispered to each other. They knew that Tom did not belong here.

 The girl who was waiting for Tom thought differently.