Sunday Photo Fiction – Thin Tights

134 12 December 13th 2015

Copyright – Al Forbes

A quick entry for Sunday Photo Fiction. Ready, steady, go!

The sports hall is as cold as ever. I’m surprised my breath doesn’t fog up as I exhale it into the still, silent air. My skirt and thin tights are offering approximately zero protection from the temperature.

Tables fan out around me, their occupants fidgeting and pale with nerves. I’ve seen all the invigilators who are handing out papers before, but only know them by their nicknames.

Blonde Bombshell writes the name of the exam on the whiteboard: Introduction to Thermodynamics.

Mr Potato’s deep voice rings out clear across the hall, “You may now begin.”

I turn over the first page, and slowly decipher a jumble of words and numbers. So, I’ll need that equation.

I slowly slide my skirt up while I check there’s no one looking, and glance down at the notes written on my thighs.


Sunday Photo Fiction – Madam Omogote

36 12 December 1st 2013

Copyright – Al Forbes

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Didi tugged at her school skirt as she shuffled in the plastic chair. An acidic sensation spread from her stomach to her throat as she thought of the imminent meeting with her headmistress. She tried to warm her numb fingers by pressing them between her knees. Despite her situation, she smiled when she thought of whose fingers had last touched her, and she knew that meeting him was worth the punishment for being caught.

Madam Omogote opened the door and motioned for Didi to enter her office. She was a squat beast of a woman whose formidable roar was feared by students and teachers alike. She bared her teeth at Didi and pointed towards the bench on the other side of the room. Didi knew the drill. She bent over the bench and grasped the supporting plank on the opposite side.

There were a few tense seconds…

The cane sliced through the air and Didi gripped the plank tighter.

Alistair’s Photo Prompt – The Class Clown


Picture from Alistair’s Blog.

This prompt came from Alistair’s Photo Fiction Blog.


Everybody knew that Judd was the class clown. In fact, he wasn’t just the clown of his class; he was famous throughout the academy. He was even popular and well known amongst the students studying magic. They heard of his exploits and they gave him a challenge.

 “Break into Professor Frayte’s classroom and find out what he hides in that wooden box on his desk.”

Judd laughed at this challenge. That very lunchtime, he snuck into the magician’s section of the academy and picked the lock on the Professor’s door. Congratulating himself, he walked to the desk and touched the box that sat upon it.

Suddenly, a crushing pain entered his fingers. It shot up his arm and brought Judd to his knees. Swearwords and curses tumbled out of his mouth. Judd looked up to see Professor Frayte’s unsympathetic, unmerciful dark eyes.

“Here’s a lesson you won’t forget: Never try stealing from a magician.” he sneered.