Friday Fictioneers – The rather complicated model


Copyright – David Stewart

So, I just got back from helping out at my uni department’s summer school. It was a three day residential thing and it was totally awesome, but I am just absolutely, utterly, completely exhausted. At the moment, I’m putting off unpacking and reluctant to get out of my lovely, not-so-flattering ambassador t-shirt, because I enjoyed it so much and it went by so quickly I’m finding it hard to believe it’s over. I’m still in a kind of psychedelic ambassador mode which involves smiling until it hurts and being very energetic and “out there” which does not come naturally to me. (Might be something to do with the billion cups of coffee I consumed over the last few days in order to survive.)

When I saw the photo, it for some reason made me think of a model that had gone badly wrong somewhere, and the person building it had given up. Here is my summer school themed FF contribution:

“Guys! Guys! Seriously, you need to hurry up! The other teams have practically finished building their models!”

 I look nervously over at Melissa, knowing that her words are only panicking our already flustered team.

“It’s impossible, I don’t understand!” a girl wails. I suddenly start sneezing.

“Ah! Ah! Picture clue four-CHOOO! Oh dear. I think I need a tissue…”

The girl’s eyes light up and she studies the picture instructions closely before showing the rest of the team. Melissa shoots me one of her world-famous death glares.

“We’re not supposed to help them!” she says.

I pull an innocent face.