Friday Fictioneers – Brittle as Paint

Hi all, greetings from Spain. If I can’t manage a 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers while on holiday then there’s no hope for the rest of the time! Uploading on my phone has been a little tricky as has not having an automatic word count, but I hope I’m not too far off.

Beams of torchlight in the darkness. The bark of soldiers. A hazy silhouette of a man being hauled by his armpits.

Realising that it was her man.

Here, a parting like that was a parting forever. A total rending of her heart and her hopes of escaping this godforsaken country.

Later, under a bloody sunrise, she looked down at the bench and remembered the schemes they’d concocted there, brittle as the paint she was flaking with her fingernail.

No, those crackpot plans weren’t worthy of hopes. This is why, with no faith left to gamble, she would take those flimsy chances anyway.


23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Brittle as Paint

  1. Desperate reality that is all too true in some places in the world, and has been all too true in some places in the world, and is poised on the edge of a knife to possibly become true in some places of the world that want to believe they are above such realities … and yet are terribly, terribly close. …
    Well done!

    • Thanks! I found it a bit difficult to place her at the painted bench without disrupting the flow of the story. Still not sure it is really clear, but was running out of time to upload.

  2. To take the time to write whilst on holiday is quite a task.
    And you wrote a wonderful story, to boot! I like her determination that it’s not over. Yet,

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