Friday Fictioneers – The Means of Production

Photo by C E Ayrs

Decided to give Friday Fictioneers a go this week, run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  I’m honestly not a huge political history buff, but decided to try and go in that direction anyway. I also would like to leave a disclaimer that even though I do work in manufacturing, this is definitely not something I am planning! 

No missed calls. No new emails.

After two cups of espresso and reading 30 pages the latest Simon Sinek book, he picked up his eerily silent company phone, perplexed.

As he drove to the office, he decided that great leadership was creating a self-sufficient workforce which did not bombard him with communications every minute.

He pulled up to the gate. Reversed. Pulled up again. This automatic number plate recognition system was beyond ridiculous. He owned the building, for God’s sake!

He jabbed at the intercom.

“I’m sorry,” a voice came through the static. “You’re no longer permitted in this factory…”


32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Means of Production

    • Simon Sinek is one of those authors I keep thinking I need to read before completely writing off as a Millennial Basher, but then I did that with Jordon B Peterson and it was such a waste of time I could have spent reading an actual good book. 🤷

    • I think even the best managed companies struggle to avoid an us/them mentality sometimes! I don’t know how a Marx takeover would go down in real life, bit it would take a lot of alienating to get everyone on board!

  1. Dear KZebra,

    Oh dear, this is a predicament. It sounds as though he’s been divested of his property in a some kind of quiet, but hostile takeover. Nicely done. Welcome back to Friday Fictioneers. 😉



  2. His delegation of responsibilities is complete. They don’t need him anymore. He can go back to reading, as long as they send him his due at regular intervals.

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