Friday Fictioneers – The Walk Of Shame


Copyright – Renee Heath

Zebra knows a little something about shame. This morning, she was home alone and so she had a bit of an iPod rave in the kitchen. (Because there is no better way of waking up and getting the blood pumping etc.) And then she turned around the see the landlord and a builder peering at her through the kitchen door. #ForShame

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Kirsty’s favourite kind of party was a fancy-dress party. She loved visiting costume shops and viewing the myriad of colours and possibilities. The ballerina outfit was the best she’d ever found, and she’d waited for the perfect occasion to wear it.

It had been such a success, her friends sighed with envy and when she caught his eye from across the room, it was like all those songs she heard on the radio. Their glances lingered like cigarette smoke, blurred by vodka shots. There’d been suggestion, then action.

Walking home in the morning was far less romantic.


55 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Walk Of Shame

  1. Yeah, those songs on the radio rarely talk about the next morning, do they? As much as I liked your FF story, I got a good laugh out of your opening story, which could have been “the” story, too. I’m still laughing.


  2. Hi Zebra,
    The morning can sure put a different light on things, and take away the blurring effects of vodka, smoke and late-night adventure. Now, was this from personal experience? I know a leopard can’t change it’s spots, but a zebra? Ron

  3. That was quite a morning you had, and an encore performance tomorrow! You wrapped up the walk of shame very well in 100 words.

  4. Great flash – this description was strong;
    Their glances had lingered, like cigarette smoke, blurred by vodka shots.

    I like costume shops too – in fact sometimes in ‘normal’ clothes stores I pick up a garment and think – ‘this would be great as fancy dress for…’ and then I put it back on the rail! (If High Street looks fancy dress on the hanger – it’s not going to be a winner on me!)

  5. Dear Miss KZebra,

    Ah those mornings after. Nicely constructed story. A suggestion: If you used more action verbs and less “had”…ie “Their glances lingered…” and it gives you one more word to use elsewhere in your count. I think there were a couple of other places I saw where you could cut a “had” but I won’t bog you down with them.



  6. Carrying her shoes in her hand? Thank you for the memories.
    I loved your opening, that brought back memories too of some early morning stretching, a long time ago, when I realised I had an audience I hadn’t invited or expected. The thought makes me cringe even now.
    Well done MissK

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