Friday Fictioneers – My Favourite Food

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Sandra Crook

Copyright – Sandra Crook

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“The Lord doesn’t have time for goats that run amok, getting filthy from head to foot! Are you a goat?”

My grandmother scolded me as I scrubbed my hands, but my head was still filled with my adventures outside, where I was an explorer.

When I’d saved enough money, I escaped from that house and from Grandma, who shook her head instead of saying goodbye.

I travelled around the world and immersed myself in cultures so dissimilar from my sterile upbringing; the explosive colours, the sound of different languages, and exotic foods

My favourite dish of all was goat curry.


13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – My Favourite Food

  1. Ooooo! I Love, Love this. What a wonderful story lesson. Whilst growing up there was a certain relative who, when ever drunk as a Skunk, would ‘lecture’ one girl on casting not her Pearls before swine. Vivid imagery, Skunks & Swines in Pearls. Fictionally of course. 😉

  2. Dear Lauren,

    Grandma obviously had no vision. I’m sure she thought she was giving her granddaughter sound advice and preparing her to be well grounded. Kudos to the young woman for pursuing her dreams. Hmmm, some curry sounds really good right now. Nicely done.



  3. Dear MKZ,

    So often it is so. With a great flapping of wings we leave the confines of a nest and never return to it again, either in real life or in our dreams. Great story.



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