31 December 2009/Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Clean Sheet


Copyright – Alastair Forbes

So, I’m trying to cut down on my workload a little and merge the two things I need to post today. The photo challenge came from Alastair’s Photo Fiction Blog. To read about the library book project, click here:

Kayla tugs me along the embankment, eagerly pointing at the boats. I’m sweating inside my heavy coat, but Kayla darts along the path despite her many wrappings.

“Don’t pull your grandmother like that, Kayla!” My daughter gently reprimands the little girl, whose excitement only fades for a few seconds. Throughout the car ride down to London, she was full of questions. She’ll be exhausted by the end of this weekend away.

“It’s like the pictures we coloured in at the library, grandma!” My granddaughter’s smile is broad and infectious.

I agree with her. I ask her if she’d like to go to the library with me again. She nods enthusiastically.

I look backwards to see my daughter’s face. Her expression is strained and barely covers the years of resentment. I swallow and know that the apology in my eyes is not enough to erase the  murky stains on our past. The clean sheet with my granddaughter is more than I deserve.


8 thoughts on “31 December 2009/Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Clean Sheet

  1. With the library book connection, I think this is brilliant. Well, it is anyway. I’m glad you recognised the boat from where it was 🙂

    I was on a river cruise when I took that. Leaning right off the side of the boat and looking backwards 🙂

    • I had to look the boat’s name up online and it said something about being a favourite with younger members of the royal family?! It was then that I decided that my characters would not actually be on the boat.

  2. I know someone (like the daughter) who has gone through this type of situation with both of her parents. Kind of sad. Because with that relationship – there’s no going back. Nice that the mothers doesn’t let that interfere with the relationship between her child & grandmother.

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