Friday Fictioneers – Next Year

Copyright – Janet M Webb

This week’s Friday Fictioneers entry. Visit the blog of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to get the rules etc. It’s been a while, unfortunately. So busy! 😦

You pick through the takeaway leaflets like they’re dating profiles. They offer different things and all have different wants. You scrutinize the pictures and garish colours. There’s nothing sexy about the greasy fries. However, they stir a kind of desire that, unlike a lonely heart, can be satisfied with ease.

The indecision alone is pleasurable. So many options. You choose a place that’s cheap and dirty, the way you like it, and then make the call.

Leaning back on the couch, you raise your glass of wine and toast St. Valentine, Cupid and Aphrodite.

You murmur something about next year.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Next Year

  1. That was great! The comparison of takeaway menus to dating profiles is brilliant! I read a novel once where the writer did this wonderfully, saying that when you were really hungry, you weren’t picky. You’d take the greasy fries and hamburger and tell yourself you were eating prime rib.
    Very clever, darling. Another really great one from you.

    • I literally just thought of it. I’ve been saving all the leaflets coming through the door for the past few days. I’ve looked through them all and I have to say, at this point I’d almost be disappointed if someone asked me on a date tomorrow night.

  2. Life goes on and on and on. Pretty good stuff here, Zebe. I wondered, though, what that opening sentence means, “You pick thought the takeaway leaflets.” Other than that, wonderful! Happy Valentine’s Day from the USA!

  3. I especially like the comparison of the leaflets to dating profiles. Reads like a story from my life during the first couple decades of adulthood. There is a comfort to it, like Patricia mentions, after you’ve been there a while.

    Marie Gail

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